My Favorites



Historical Records


The Wisdom of Islamic Sacrifice

Deepening the Feeling of Belonging to Religion and Nation (Arabic research)

Family and Society Health in Light of Sunna (Arabic research)



Mail Series (Arabic)

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Favorite Media


The Biggest Robbery of the 20th Century | Al-Aqsa Landscape | A New Muslim Video |

Jew to Muslim - Joseph Cohen | Amongst The Confusion | Allah is enough for me | I Look I See |

Mawlay - Al-Quds | Made Her Mark | Always Be There | Who wants to become a Muslim today?


Favorite Documentary


Holy Quran Complete in Arabic (PDF)

Miracles of the Quran (PDF)

Prophet Muhammad and You (PowerPoint Presentation)

Islam and Humanity's Need of it (PDF)

Flee to Allah (PDF)

A Guide For A New Muslim (PDF)

Arabic Numbers (PowerPoint Presentation)



Favorite Websites


Tanzil: Quran Navigator,

International Commission on Scientific Signs in Quran & Sunnah,

Islamic Invitation,

The Religion of Islam,
This is Mohammad,

Muhammad The Prophet of Islam,

Holy Quran Broadcast from Cairo Live Broadcast,

Islamic Finder - World Wide Directory,

Free Islamic Books (Multi-Language),

Al-Islam Encyclopedia,

Awareness Making - YouTube Channel